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Surgical Operating Microscopes

The surgical operating microscopes is an optical instrument that provides the surgeon with a stereoscopic, high quality magnified and illuminated image of the small structures in the surgical area. They are now widely used in ENT (ear, nose, and throat) Surgery, Dental, Neuro & Spine Surgery, Ophthalmology, Gynecology & Urology, Oncology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery etc.

The surgical operating microscope market for operating use is dominanted by well known brands such as Zeiss and Leica. Our products come directly from the surgical microscopes manufacturer, with reliable quality and competitive price, as well as complete after-sales guarantee.

Featured Categories in Surgical Operating Microscopes
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Item: XYT-1
Gynecologic Microscope/Colposcope
List price US $5,199.00
Sale price US $3,299.00

Item: LZL-11
Neural Brain Facial Multifunction Operating Microscope
List price US $18,479.00
Sale price US $12,569.00

Item: LZL-6A
Fixed MagnificationPlastic Surgical Microscope
List price US $15,399.00
Sale price US $10,159.00

Surgical Operating Microscopes 1-12 of 32 results      Page 1  2  3    Next >>

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