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Large Platform Metallurgical Microscope

Large Platform Metallurgical Microscope

Item No.#:   XLE-3
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Product Overview

Model XLE-3 large plateform metallurgical microscope is the newest medium inspection microscope in China. The adoption of reflected coaxial illumination ensures the bright-field observation. It can be connected with 135 camera, digital camera and image quantitative analysis. This instrument is suitable for the inspection requirements of a variety of electronic components including magnetic heads, LCD, and semiconductors. Its compact size, ease of operation, 10" x 10" stage travel and cost-effectiveness makes the XLE-3 an ideal inspection microscope offering superb operational versatility. The instrument is equipped with plan objective and wide-field eyepiece and obtains clear and smooth image. The unique character is the super large stage which can make quick-handed and knob-fine movement. The samples on the stage can be moved vertically and horizontally.

Product Features

1) Magnification: 40X - 500X
2) Large platform allow samples move fast in longitudinal and horizontal to expand the applied field
3) Match with OVM-TM softwar

Technological Parameter

1) The length of the mechanical tube is 160mm
2) Objective Lens
Magnification Numerical aperture Work Distance Medium Available range Configuration
4X 0.10 17.912 Air Bright Field   1
10X 0.25 6.544 Air Bright Field 1
PC20X 0.40 1.05 Air Bright Field 1
PC40X 0.65 0.736 Air Bright Field 1

3) Eyepiece
Magnification Focal Field of view diameter Remark
10X 25 18  
12.5X 25 14 Optional
4) Magnification: 40X  - 500X
5) The area of the table is 4000mm X 300mm
6) The range of the lengthwise moving-254mm
7) The range of lateral moving-254mm
8) Focusing Organ: coaxial slight focusing organ, the focusing range is 36mm, the scale unit is 0.002mm
9) The standard of the halogen lamp is 12V 50W .The electrical source is inside
10) Lens transducer: five holes (four holes)
11) Eyepiece draw tube: Trinocular(Binocular)
12) Function: widely used in bright field, polarization, photography and so on
13) Weight: 17 Kg
14) Volume: 560mm X 530mm X400mm

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