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6.0x Magnification Headband Keplerian Prism Loupes

6.0x Magnification Headband Keplerian Prism Loupes

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Product Overview

The Keplerian (or prismatic) Loupes consist of a complex system of multiple prisms and lenses. The advantage of these prismatic lenses is that much higher magnifications can be achieved, with superior resolution throughout the field of vision. Since there are more lenses in prismatic loupes they have longer telescopes and are slightly heavier.

Incorporating a camber hinge, the viewing angle can be easily and quickly adjusted for maximum comfort. Headband can be adjustable according to different size of users' head. The headband style is good design, when need use the loupes, just plug the loupes on the headband, very easy, when you need the loupes on stork, just relaease the loupes from the headband putting on the bag.

High Resolution Optical Lenses – The lenses in all of our Loupes are manufactured to the highest quality and specification. This ensures outstanding clarity and razor-sharp detail across the entire field of view.

Exceptional Width and Depth of View – Our loupes provide the user with a wide and deep view of the subject area allowing for safe and effective practice.

Multi-Coated Lenses - Our lenses feature anti-glare, anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings for maximum reliability in all situations.

Ultra-Lightweight Design – Made from lightweight materials our loupes are comfortable and easy to become accustomed to. You will quickly forget that you are wearing them and wonder how you ever managed without them.

Customised – All of our loupes are available in a variety of working distances and magnifications to suit your particular needs and to ensure a healthier and more comfortable working posture.

Working Distance
Field of View
Depth of Field
340mm / 13,4 in
40mm / 1.6 in
40mm / 1.6 in
150gr / 4.85 ounce
420mm / 16.5 in
45mm / 1.8 in
40mm / 1.6 in
150gr / 4.85 ounce
500mm / 19,7 in
50mm / 2.0 in
40mm / 1.6 in
150gr / 4.85 ounce
550mm / 21,7 in
60mm / 2.4 in
40mm / 1.6 in
150gr / 4.85 ounce
All Models
Adjustable viewing angle: 0 - 45 degree
All Models
Adjustable pupil distance: 48mm/1.9" - 80mm/3.1"

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