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XTL-1B Stereo Microscope

XTL-1B Stereo Microscope

Item No.#:   XTL-1B
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Product Overview

XTL series stereo zoom microscopes are a kind of positive image microscope, they are adopted horizontal knob to zoom control, they have  long working distance, clear and smooth image quality, wide field, convenience operation etc. They can be used for culture and education, scientific  research, farming and forestry, electronics and precision machine industries widely.


1) Eyepieces field is wide and clear.
2) Objectives range of zoom magnification  0.7X to 4.5X
3) Optical tube, 45° inclination. can be rotated 360°, interpupillary distance and eyepieces diopter can be adjusted, interpupillary distance adjustable range from 55mm to 75mm.

XTL-1 Series Specification
Model XTL-1A XTL-1B XTL-1C
Eyepieces WF10X (Φ20mm)
Objective Objectives range of zoom magnification  0.7X to 4.5X
Total magnification 7X to 45X
Visual field Φ28.5 to Φ4.5
Working distance 88mm
Vertical effective movement 25mm<=h<265mm 25mm<=h<240mm
Base size 240X180X25mm 300X240X25mm 240X180X25(mm)with movable stage, movement range:42X42(mm)
Note: Please append a letter “T” in the backside of correspond model when you select the trinocular body.

Optional accessories
Name Sort/Technique parameter NO.
Eyepiece Wide field eyepiece  WF10X(Φ22mm) 1062010
Wide field eyepiece  WF15X(Φ15mm) 1061015
Wide field eyepiece  WF20X(Φ12mm) 1060020
Wide field eyepiece  WF25X(Φ9mm) 1060025
Divisional wide field eyepiece  10X(Φ20mm) 0.1mm/Div 1111010
Divisional wide field eyepiece  10X(Φ22mm) 0.1mm/Div 1112010
Optical body Trinocular body 602003
Trinocular body 602004
Additional objective 0.5X W.D.137mm 621002
0.75X W.D.103mm 622002
1X W.D.88mm 623001
1.5X W.D.48mm 624002
2X W.D.29mm 625002
Illumination 8W/90~265V  Annular LED illumination W.D.:35~200mm 630002
5W,110V /220V  Annular fluorescent illumination 630003
CCD adapter 0.5X 813004
1X 813005
Camera DV-1  With USB & video output 800001
DV-2  With USB output 800003
DV-3  With video output 800005

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