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Compound  LCD Digital Metallurgical Microscope

Compound LCD Digital Metallurgical Microscope

Item No.#:   CDMS-555
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Product Overview

CDMS-555 is suitable to observe surface of non-transparent or transparent object.It is equipped with reflected and transmitted illuminator,plan achromatic objectives with long working distance (no cover glass),wide-field eyepieces and built-in polarizer device.With convenient control,it is the ideal instruments in research work in biology,metallography,mineralogy,precision engineering,electronics,etc.It is suitable for scientific research,teching demonstration in the colleges and factory.


Digital Parts
Pixel 5 Mega
Maximal Resolution 2560X1920
Video Resolution 640X480
LCD Screen 8 Inches TFT Screen, Resolution is 800X 600
Video Output AV Output (NTSC/PAL)
Data Output USB2.0
Menu Language Chinese / English
Storage SD Card Slot with Optional Memory Cards (Maximal Storage Capacity is 4G)
Scene Mode Standard / Softness / Vivid
Exposure Mode Auto Exposure
Date Mode Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute
Optical Parts Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece WF10×18
Objective Plan Achromatic Objective(No cover Glass)PL 5×0.12
Plan Achromatic Objective(No cover Glass)PL 10×0.25
Plan Achromatic Objective(No cover Glass)PL 20×0.4
Plan Achromatic Objective(No cover Glass)PL 50×0.7
Reflected IIIumination System 6V 20w,Halogen Lamp,Adjustable Bringtness
Focus System Vertical IIIumination with Field Diaphragm.Apertrue Diaphragm and Polarizer,(Y,B,G)Filter and Ground Glass
Nosepiece Coaxial Coarse/Fime Focus System.with Tension Adjjustable and Limit Stopper Minimum Division of Fime Focusing :2µm
Stage Double Layer Mechanical(Size:210mm×40mm,Moving Range:75mm×0mm)
Transmitted IIIumination System Abbe Condenser NA. 1.25 Rack&Pinion Adjustable
Blue Filter and Ground glass
Collector for IIIumination with Halogen Lamp(With Field Diaphragm)
6V 20w,Halogen Lamp,Adjustable Brightness

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