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Gynecology Colposcopes

Gynecology Colposcopes

Item No.#:   YDJ-Ⅲ-1
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Product Overview

Colposcope: A lighted magnifying instrument used by a gynecologist to examine the tissues of the vagina and the cervix. The procedure is called colposcopy. The colposcope is used by doctors to perform a colposcopy examination. This examination examines the cervix and vagina, and is often used to detect cervical cancer and immunosupression such as HIV infections.

YDJ Ⅲ Series colposcope are high quality basic colposcope that offer excellent optics to your practice affordable. Illumination with LED source. This unit is compact, light-weight, easy to maneuver and operate.

Features of YDJ Ⅲ-1 Colposcope

Total magnification: 3.75x, 7x, 15x
Working Distance: 300mm
Field of view: 31mm, 15.5mm, 7.7mm
Individually adjustable eyepiece: 12.5x
Right eyepiece built-in two circles for you to measure the size of the problem you see
Light intensity: >10000LUX
User-selectable built-in green filter
Working height: 840mm-1200mm
Two (Gross/Fine) focus adjustment Handles
Two (Gross/Fine) height adjustment Handles

Main power: 110V/60HZ/220V/50HZ

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