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Gem & Jewelers' Microscope

Gem & Jewelers' Microscope

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Product Overview

Stereo zoom optics
Zoom range 10-80(120X)
Zoom ratio l:4
Working distance:95mm
The range for adjusting the visual distance:55-75mm
The range for adjusting the diopter: +/-5
The range for adjuring the focus: 50mm
Optic head and stand tilt to a more natural 40°viewing angle
Three kinds of illumination fields
Tungsten-halogen darkfield/brightfield illumination with sliding affle
Rheostart to vary darkfield/brightfield intensity
Adjustable iris diaphragm to control width of light beam
Fluorescent illumination simulates north daylight, ideal for diamond color grading, and facilitates identification of surface oharacteristics
Work normally in 90-230V voltage range and the lamination is steady
Built-in optical-fiber illumination system

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