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Gem & Jewelers' Microscope

Gem & Jewelers' Microscope

Item No.#:   GL-99M
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Product Overview

Stereo zoom 6.5-45X(90)
Zoom ratio l:7
Working distance:103mm
The range for adjusting the visual distance:52-75mm
The range for adjusting the diopter: 士5
The range for adjuring the focus: l35mm
Wide-angle eyepieces with high point
Optic head and stand tilt to a more natural 40°viewing angle
Three kinds of illumination fields
Tungsten-halogen darkfield /brightfield illumination with sliding baffle
Rheostart to vary darkfield/brightfield intensity
Adjustable iris diaphragm to control width of light beam
Fluorescent illumination simulates north daylight, ideal for diamond color grading
Work normally in 90-230V voltage range and the lamination is steady
Built-in optical-fiber illumination system

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