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Handheld LED Vein finder

Handheld LED Vein finder

Item No.#:   VEZ-200
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Product Overview

The item # VEZ-200 Handheld LED Vein finder is easy to detect veins at the back of the hands through transmission of LED red light, and it can assist medical staff to observe subcutaneous veins of hands, and significantly improve the success rate of the injection.

Application ranges:

Hospitals, clinics homes as well as any other places where need find the veins for injection.


- Small in size(190*35*35MM); light in weight(90g), easy to carry;
- Adjustable light, wide application range;
- Sensitive switch, safe and power saving;
- Fit human body engineering, more comfortable grip.

Vein EZ includes shell, LED bulb, rotary switch, socket, charger and so on.

【Intended Application】
Finding subcutaneous veins

【Operating Principle】

The reflecting and absorbing difference on light between blood and tissues. When light penetrating tissues, using the feature that superficial veins are light-proof, distinguish superficial veins from tissues in a transparent image.

【Method of Application】
1) Turn on the rotary switch.
2) Hold the light bulb with palm. Now the vein finder is sending light,
3) Rotate the rotary switch, adjust the strength of light, the veins are visible( more dark than other tissues).
4) After vein puncture, turn off the rotary switch.


1) Keep the instrument properly after use. Keep it away from sharp objects and high temperature.
2) Do not use it when it is charging.

【Storage Environment】

Put in cool, dry, dark place where temperature is between 4℃ and 40℃ and relative humidity does not exceed 85%.

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