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Latest 100W LED Cold Light Source W/ 1800MM Fiberoptic Cable

Latest 100W LED Cold Light Source W/ 1800MM Fiberoptic Cable

Item No.#:   EW-100
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Product Overview

The item # EW-100 100W LED cold Light source, represents the latest technology for the led development, which achieves the same effect as traditional 300W xenon light source through endoscope, a perfect alternative product for xenon and halogen; it is widely used in endoscopy, microscopy, quality insurance, system test, industrial borescopes, inspection systems, image process, machine vision, lab equipment, etc.

1) High brightness:
   Adopt super brightness medical use LED, enhanced by minifying lens, 300W xenon light source comparable, can be used in laparoscopy without any problem.

2) Super long life:
   50000 hours life span, 120 times of traditional xenon light, no need to change bulb.

3) Small size:
   Portable design, only 260mmX215mmX80mm, can be used as a tablet light source.

4) Light weight:
   Weighs only 2.4Kg, while traditional xenon light source weighs 8-12kg.

5) Ultra low noise:
   Only 15dB noise, 30% of the traditional xenon light.

6) Accurate color temperature 5,000K - 6,000K, color rendering is over 70.

7) Accept 110V-240V power input, can be used worldwide. (There is switch on back, please remember to put it to accurate position.)

8) Standard R. Wolf connection, Storz and Olympus light cable connector included. 1.8 meter long light cable included (R.Wolf connection for light source end, storz connection at endoscope end)

9) Memory function:
   Will remember the brightness setting and restores automatically when started.

Warranty: 18 months limited warranty(Any product defection, we will send replacement part directly, you don't need to send it back!)

Package included
- 100W LED light source x 1 set
- 1800MM fiber optic light cable (R.Wolf for light source, Storz for endoscope) x 1 pc
- Power cord (according to user's country) x 1 pc
- Light cable convertor (Storz & Olympus). x 2 pcs
- Spare fuses x 2 pcs

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