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Shadowless Lamp

A Surgical Shadowless Operating Lamp (or surgical lights) is a very important medical equipment in operating room, medical personnel through the shadowless lamp use, realize the operating position in patients without the shadow lighting purposes, so as to help the doctor to clearly distinguish between the lesion tissue, successfully completed the operation.

The traditional shadowless lamp use halogen lights, xenon lights, metal halide lights as their light source. The current, LED shadowless operating lamp as surgery has significant operating lamp advantages, LED light source with low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, low temperature light source, the surgical field is easy to spot the temperature control, easy to adjust color temperature, close to natural light, long life light bulbs, etc.,

A shadowless lamp is available in movable floor models and a variety of mount options. Surgical shadowless operating lamp is commonly mounted on walls and from ceilings. Ceiling surgical lights are commonly installed using 1 or more arms. Each arm can hold one surgical light head, high-definition video camera, high-definition monitor, or surgical accessories. Ceiling surgical lights are designed for efficiency and flexibility. The suspension arms allow for a smooth, wide range of lateral and horizontal movement providing the best positioning and light coverage for the surgical procedure.

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Item: KD-202D-3(AC)
Mobile Mini LED Shadowless Operating Lamp
List price US $799.00
Sale price US $389.00

Item: KD-202D-3C
Ceiling Mounted LED Surgery Shadowless Lamp
List price US $1,189.00
Sale price US $489.00

Item: KD-202D-2(AC)
Mobile 108W LED Surgical Operating Shadowless Lamp
List price US $2,679.00
Sale price US $1,459.00

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