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WD500 USB Portable Scanner W/ e-Doc Management Solution

WD500 USB Portable Scanner W/ e-Doc Management Solution

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Product Overview

WD500 is a powerful e-Doc management solution integrating functions of scanner, copier, printer, OCR, video recording, email and document classification etc. It aims to work as a very useful assistant for office people to manage docs easily and efficiently.

Major features

1. Scanner
It captures images of real objects at high resolution in one second. The captured image can be in true color or in black and white.
2. Copier
It can capture a document or an object up to A4 size in one second. The captured document can be printed out via any printer.
3. Printer
It helps you to print scanned materials any time.
4. Name card scanner
It can also works as a name card scanner, providing
5. OCR
Equipped with the latest OCR function of high compatibility, it can convert scanned printed text materials into .txt processing files that can be easily edited and stored. This can greatly save your time to type printed materials. For English language, the compatibility can be 96%.
6. Video recording
With video recording function, it can record the progress of any operation or demo.
7. Email
It enables you to share docs with others easily by emailing docs from the management system directly.
8. Document classification
It helps you to classify docs by different formats including Word/Excel/PDF etc. files can be converted into those formats easily.


Image resolution 5M (5.0MP)
Capture size Up to A4 Size
Power USB powered (no extra adaptor needed)
Interface USB 2.0
Image format JPEG, TIF, PDF
Light sources Ambient light & Aux 10 LEDs
Bundle software NimoDoc with powerful OCR function
Language supported: Multi-languages
OS Windows 2000 (SP4)/ WinXP /VISTA/Win7
Product size 423x83x65mm
Weight: 605g


1) Office people
2) Bank clerks
3) Government officials
4) School teachers
5) People in other sectors in need of a overall e-Doc management solution


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