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Dear Sir

With due regards

I had received my loupe and it is nice to see it according to my expectations. Secondly , I want to buy atleast two head bands for my loupe because I fear that the head band given to me is very delicate
and give way any time.

I also want to buy 4 loupes of same magnification and working distance for my other colleagues. So give me the best deal for the same so thatI can pursue my colleagues to buy it for the cheaper rate.


Warm regards

Dr Rajat
Dr Rajat from India

Good day!

I just want to inform you that I recieved my purchase item in good order. I am very satisfied with your service.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to purchasing other items soon.


Trinidad from Philippines
Thanks. The head lamp arrived. It is very good !

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Pedro Ojeda from Venezuela


i just recieve it today
i will try to install it do you mind if i ask you questions if i find difficulty in installing it

i will do that on next monday

thanks a lot


Tahrir from Austrila

Hi Ben,

I have received the microscope and am very pleased with it.

Thank you,


Sarah from Austrila

Hi Ben,

I would like to acknowledge that the microscope arrived yesterday, and I
am generally pretty happy with it.

I have recommended you to a friend in Tasmania who is after a biological
microscope.  I expect she will be in touch with you before long.

Thanks for your prompt and courteous service.

Regards, Tom Thekathyil

Tom Thekathyil from Australia

I just receive my order today

Thank u

Sent from my iPad

Jiraroch from Thailand

I recently ordered the FD-500 loupes and a KD-202A-1a light.

I am very happy with both!

Thank you, Eric

Eric from U.S.A

Thanks for invoice and moderate price for customs!


Best regards
Philippe from France
We got the package today...

thank you...

Kind regards
Peter from Hungary
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