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Yes, I recived the loupes tuesday. They are ok, the image is very good, but they are very unstable and the image is shaking because they are very heavy and the hinges are too thin.

So you have to design some sort of nose support like for glases to stabilize the whole thing.
Mihai from Romania


I received the microscope yesterday and it works perfectly. Thank you for your excellent service and fast delivery.



Andrew from U.K

Thank's for my order is here and complete

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Roberto from Mexico

Hi, my order arrived today,

thank you!

Salvador from Mexico

I recieved everithing, all well!

Thanks and always a pleasure working with you, Ben!

Dr. Ortiz

Dr. Ortiz from Panama

thank you very much for the excellent quality and quick service


GMZaytoun from Lebanon


My microscope and eyepiece arrived today. 

Everything is okay




Brooke from Austrilia
Dear Sir

With due regards

I had received my loupe and it is nice to see it according to my expectations. Secondly , I want to buy atleast two head bands for my loupe because I fear that the head band given to me is very delicate
and give way any time.

I also want to buy 4 loupes of same magnification and working distance for my other colleagues. So give me the best deal for the same so thatI can pursue my colleagues to buy it for the cheaper rate.


Warm regards

Dr Rajat
Dr Rajat from India

Good day!

I just want to inform you that I recieved my purchase item in good order. I am very satisfied with your service.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to purchasing other items soon.


Trinidad from Philippines
Thanks. The head lamp arrived. It is very good !

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Pedro Ojeda from Venezuela
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