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Bresser Biolux NV 20x-1280x Microscope Kit

Bresser Biolux NV 20x-1280x Microscope Kit

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Product Overview

An absolutely fantastic starter microscope kit for a young person or student. It contains everything you would need to begin the scientific exploration the microscopic world that surrounds us. In addition to the two "ocular" eyepieces, the kit is provided with a usb electronic eyepiece that allows you to view your results on a pc screen (software does not run on Windows 7 machines). With a few prepaired slides to get you started and a selection of accessories and components to ebable you to begin making your own, the whole kit comes complete with your own carrying case.

With a versatile range of magnifications and a starter kit of accessories this kit offers unbeatable value for money.

The highest (1280x) magnification is achieved by a combination of 40x objective, 16x eyepiece and a 2x Barlow lense (included).

1) turret with 3 high-value targets (4x/10x/40x),
2) 2X times Barlow lense and 2 eyepieces for wide-angle (5x/16x),
3) LED lighting for occasional incident light microscope,
4) brightness adjustable dimmer (connection 240V)(supplied),
5) direct light viewing is also possible,
6) resistance variable lighting levels to 6 maximum lighting of the object,
7) 6 colour filter disk for better observation of colourless preparations,
8) ArcSoft PhotoImpression software,
9) precision cross table,
10) precision mechanical plate,
11) auxiliaries preparation,
12) preparation tools,
13) box of prepared sample slides (5 pcs),
14) equipment & solutions for your own slide preparation.

Connects to a PC with the 'Eye PC' and USB connection

1) 5x WF Eyepiece,
2) 16x WF Eyepiece,
3) Barlow lenses,
4) PC eyepiece with extension eyepiece,
5) monocular microscope,
6) lighting LED (light transmission),
7) electrical connection.

1) 5x WF eyepiece,
2) 16x WF eyepiece,
3) Barlow lense,
4) PC ocular,
5) eyepiece holder,
6) microscope head,
7) objective revolver,
8) microscope stage,
9) focus wheel,
10) LED lighting (transmitted light),
11) electricity supply,
12) microscope base,
13) Photomiser SE software,
14) wall connector,
15) 10 slides, 10 covering glasses and 5 preparations in a plastic box,
16) matted lense,
17) condenser lense,
18) dimmer,
19) colour filter disc,
20) LED lighting (direct light),
21) direct light / transmitted light switch,
22) microscopy instruments,
23) prawn breeding plant,
24) microcut,
25) specimens: yeast, gum media, sea salt, prawn eggs,
26) carrying case, 
    X.locking screw,
    Y.mechanical plate.

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