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BK-90L Polarizing Microscope

BK-90L Polarizing Microscope

Item No.#:   BK-90L
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Product Overview

BK-90L Polarizing Microscope Outfits

Note: "●"In Table Is Standard Attachment. "○" Is Optional Accessories.

Items Specification BK-90L
Eyepiece WF10×-20 mm
WF10×-20 mm (Reticule 0.1mm)

Non-stress Infinity Plan Objective

20×/0.45 (S)
40×/0.65 (S)
60×/0.80 (S)
Seidentopf Binocular
Inclined 30°,Rotatable 360°,
Interpupilary Distance: 50-75mm
Trinocular Head Inclined 30°, Rotatable 360°,
Interpupilary Distance: 55-75mm,    Light Distribution: 0:100
Nosepiece Quirtuple (Adjustable independence)
Polarizing Unit Rotatable 360°(Module Type, Can Be Locked)
Bertrand Lens Inbuilt, Center Adjustable
λSlip First Class Red
λ/4 Slip
Quartz Wedge (Ⅰ-Ⅳ Class)
Revolving Round Stage Rotatable 360°, Center Adjustable, Division 1°, Vernier division 6'
Polarizing Attached Mechanical Stage  
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25,Non-stress
Polarizing Unit with Scale Rotatable 360°,Can Be Locked
Koehler Illumination 6V/20W Halogen Lamp
2 A Fuse Spare: 1 pc
Filter Blue
C-mount 0.5×, 1×
Adaptor for Digital Camera

Packing Size: 550mm×305mm×400mm
Gross Weight: 13kgs  Net Weight: 12 kgs

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