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All-in-one 3W Cordless LED Surgical Headlight W/  55,000 Lux

All-in-one 3W Cordless LED Surgical Headlight W/ 55,000 Lux

Item No.#:   KD-202A-7N
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Product Overview

The KD-202A series medical headlamp as a light source matches with other equipment, which is used as illumination in clinical examination, surgery, etc. Light is refracted and gathered through optical lens group. In this way common light can turn into clear and well-distributed light. So our headlamp can supply excellent quality illumination for the examination and surgery of doctor.

KD-202A-7N All-in-one 3W Cordless LED Surgical Headlight With 55,000 Lux 


- Using top quality LED light, color rendering index CRI greater more than 90%
- Illumination spot is clear for excellent optical desgin
- With two battery, good heat dissipation, brightness adjustable
- Suit for cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, general surgery, gynecology, dentistry


Power of light:
Working time: 4 hours
Recharge time: 5 hours
Adaptable voltage: 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz
Life of light: 50,000 hours
Brightest: 55,000LUX @ 250mm
Color temperature: 6,000 Kelvin
Lightspot size: Adjustable, 1 - 11cm(0.4 – 4.4inch) @40cm
Lightweight: 268g (9.45 ounce)
Warranty: 18 months limited warranty


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