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Factors to be Considered While Buying LED Surgical Headlight

LED headlight belongs to the category of Non fiber optic light. LED lamps do not make use of electrical filaments or gas as a convenient source of illumination; instead they utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Since these LED headlights are lightweight, they can be clipped on to the spectacle frame which enables the users to clearly view the working area where it is impossible for the light from other fixtures in the room to reach. For the efficient inspection, it is important for the medical professionals to have their LED headlight fit tightly and comfortably on to their heads. They follow the gaze of the surgeon thus ensuring better vision. In order to ensure better results and enhance their patient care system every clinician must have it in their tool kit. If you are planning to buy Led headlight, there are certain factors that you need to take in to account. Given below are some of these:

Level of comfort

A surgical headlight has to be enormously comfortable. Comfort level is considered to be one of the important factors while buying LED headlight as surgeons need to wear it for hours in order to carry out lengthy procedures. A low profile light weight LED headlight will enable the user to have an unrestricted view of the working area. You have to carefully select the headlight that does not cause skin ulcers or headaches on using it for longer period of time.


Since surgeons or the dentists operate in different places, they would need to carry their LED headlight along with them for different procedures. It is therefore important for the surgeons or the dentists to have a portable surgical headlight. Battery operated lights are more portable as they eliminate being tethered to your power source and allow complete station to station mobility.


A LED headlight must be flexible enough to fit to all flip-up or through-the-lens (TTL) loupe configurations. Make sure that the surgical headlights can be combined with flip-up or TTL loupes. A clip on headlights can be easily clipped on to the spectacle frames.

Spilled light

There are many other professionals who use both his peripheral vision as well as concentrate on what is ahead of him. This is the reason why most of the headlights have plenty of lights that spill over apart from the bright spot. A surgeon who is using a surgical headlight attached to his loupe cannot make use of his peripheral vision as he remains totally focus on operating area with in the field of view of the loupe. An ideal surgical headlight must therefore have a concentrated cone of light with almost no spilled over light as it only leads to the wastage of energy.

Battery Back-up

Most of the surgical procedures are lengthy. They go on for long hours. It is therefore important to consider the most advanced form of battery technology for your LED Headlight. You can opt for the headlights with Lithium-Polymer Battery technology that produces up to eight hours of run time on each charge.

These are some of the important aspects that the dentists or the surgeons can take into account while buying surgical headlight.

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