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About Dental & Surgical Loupes
Surgical loupes and dental loupes not only magnify the vision of physicians and technicians during medical procedures, they also help to ensure correct posture and reduce neck and eye fatigue. The use of magnification loupes results in improved care for patients and increased comfort for medical personnel. Universal Medical offers four distinct styles of surgical and dental loupes, each of which is available in four working distances (340 mm, 420 mm, 500 mm, and 550 mm):
  • Clip-on eyeglass loupes can be fastened securely onto your existing prescription frames, and can be easily changed if your prescription changes
  • Galilean-style surgical magnification loupes can be quickly flipped up when communicating with co-workers or patients, or performing routine tasks
  • Keplerian prism surgical loupes provide a more focused viewing area than other styles and are available in magnifications of up to 6.0X
  • Through the lens (TTL) surgery loupes position the lenses closer to the eyes, offering a wider field of vision than other styles
All eye loupes for surgical magnification offered by Universal Medical are shipped in a thick, foam-lined case and come complete with a screwdriver, removable lens covers, and lint-free lens wipes. Universal Medical dental magnifier and surgery loupes are an economical choice from a company committed to product excellence and superior service that makes us the choice of the country's premium medical institutions.
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