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About Gem & Jewelry Microscope
The stereo microscopes in this section are designed for viewing jewels and gemstones. They come with both top and bottom lighting and a darkfield condensor for optimal sharpness and contrast. All jewelry & gem microscopes include a gem clamp and offer clear stereo observation. They  are ideal instruments for gemologists, jewelry dealers, appraisers and collectors.

These microscopes come with a trinocular zoom head, adjustable inclined-pillar stand, rotatable with top (reflected) and bottom (transmitted) lights. Their trinocular port enables to add photographic or video capability. The adjustable inclined-pillar stand ensures a comfortable observation. The rotatable darkfield condenser and the 3D gem clamp make it possible to measure gem angles. The illumination system adopts contemporary high-power LED lamps, providing rich spectrum, high-temperature color (though the LED light is cool), and close-to-daylight illumination. The flexible top gooseneck lamp shines light down onto objects, used to observe the surface details and fine structures of jewels or gemstones. With the cordless LED system and the wide-voltage (90-240V) adapter/charger included for wall-power convenience, these microscopes are great for both on-site
and in-house applications. They offers crystal clear images, wide zoom magnification range, and large working distance. They are perfect instruments for gemologists, jewelry dealers and collectors.

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